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Casey Wandell

Show Host

Nobody has rebounded off the ropes like Casey Wandell and for the first time, he’s comfortable sharing his story with the world. From television sports reporter interviewing the likes of LeBron James and Dick Vitale to suicidal and struggling with substance abuse, Casey could have easily been a cautionary tale. Instead, he’s an inspirational one. Willing himself from a hospital panic room into the boardroom in a matter of years thanks to a large credit limit gifted to him by a caring friend, Casey is now the most successful Title Boxing Club franchisee in the country and has been sober for 3 years.

Casey is nervously excited to share his journey and hopes listeners find motivation (and humor) in his often unbelievable life experience.

Aaron Black

Show Host

Just after marrying the love his life (and Ready to Rebound Show producer) Rebecca, Aaron was laid off just as his life was getting started.

Using this as motivation, he began a new career path that put him at the cutting edge of Science, Genomics, Information Technology and Healthcare.  In this transformation, he started his own consulting company, built an information technology team that supported the largest Cancer research project ever funded by the National Institute of Health, and become one of the first Chief Data Officers in translational medicine.

Now, 9 years after losing his job, Aaron speaks at national and international conferences in Healthcare, Technology and Innovation, including giving a TEDx talk on the power of personalized data in healthcare and was name Chief Technology Officer of the Year by the Washington Business Journal in 2017.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca is the beauty and the brains behind the Ready to Rebound Podcast. She has triumphed and continues to struggle with invisible autoimmune diseases such as endometriosis, Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and chronic migraines. Everyday is a “rebound” for Rebecca and she bravely shares her journey with you in some of our episodes. 

She spent the last 7 years trying to find a resolution to her health issues and in that time, she also shared her journey on her blog and popular Instagram & YouTube channels. Rebecca used tragedy to triumph by creating her own successful small business out of reselling through Poshmark and eBay to contribute to her household and pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Rebecca helps us produce the Ready to Rebound content, manages our social media & marketing along with providing valuable content to our listeners. 

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